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Flow Research is the only market research company whose primary mission is to research process control instrumentation markets.

We create a wide range of studies, and we want you to be able to quickly locate the ones that interest you. Here, for your convenience, we list all of our current studies by topic.

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At Flow Research, we produce so many studies even we sometimes have trouble keeping track of them all!  Topics include all of the flowmeter technologies both new and conventional as well as pressure transmitters; temperature sensors; level devices; and studies specifically focused on certain major markets such as the oil and gas markets. We create these studies through interviews with suppliers, distributors, and end users. 

To find a study on a specific topic or order a study, click on the relevant link below. You will find information and links to an order form.If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Jesse Yoder at jesse@flowresearch.com.

Studies by topic:
All Flowmeter Technologies
Volume X: All Flowmeters, 9th Edition
Worldflow Handbook - Directory of Flowmeter Suppliers - 2023 Edition

New Technology  Conventional
Coriolis, 7th Edition Pressure Transmitters, 5th Edition
Magnetic, 7th Edition Primary Elements, 2nd Edition
Ultrasonic, 7th Edition Positive Displacement, 3rd Edition
Vortex, 7th Edition Turbine, 3rd Edition
Thermal, 3rd_Edition
Mass Flow Controllers, 3rd Edition

Gas Flow Oil Flow
Gas Flow, 4th Edition - Core Study Oil Flow - Core Study
Module A: Applications and Strategies  Module A: Worldwide 
Module B: Gas Production, Consumption and Flow Measurement Module B: Mideast/Africa 
Module C: Custody Transfer 
Module D: Strategies, Industries & Applications 
Multiphase, 2nd Edition
Module A: Watercut Meters

Fluid Flows & Analysis
Liquid Analytical
Steam Flow Measurement
Temperature Transmitters, 2nd Edition 
Temperature Sensors, 3rd Edition


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